Makes your cheeks glow guys!

Hello guys,

Today I’m really exicted: I’m starting my own blog after 3 years of writing for some sort of news website in the past. So let’s start right away, shouldn’t we?

In general I’m more of a drugstore addict in terms of makeup BUT as some of my favorite bloggers and youtubers are hyping certain high-end products there is just no way for me not to try them! I still feel more like a drugstore shopping-queen though… 🙂

There has been one product being used over and over again in the past: It’s this one special highlighter by theBALM:

theBalm Highlighter Mary Lou Manizer*

If you are just as excited as I am, you may have already followed the link. And if you were just as hyped, I’d bet you already ordered it!

No? Not yet? Then let me swatch it for you right away (the left one is natural light through a window, the right one artificial light):


(ever tried swatching fairy-dust? It has to be exactly the same…)

SPOILER ALERT! The highlighter comes in this sweet packaging:


I’m using the mirror ALL the time to do my whole makeup tbh! 😀

The highlighter can be applied to the tip and bridge of your nose, the upper cheek-area, the chin, your cupids bow, the inner corner of your eye, right under your eyebrows… You could literally just cover your whole face I guess and it would still be looking good!

Another possibility is to use it as an eyeshadow. Or on the middle part of your lips. There are two more shades of this product so – I dont think that there are any limits to it!

Well, there is one thing that’s a bit bad about it: The price. It retails on amazon for 24,99$ atm. In my opinion it’s definitly worth it though.

But take care: Other people will not be able to see their reflection on your face with the MaryLoumanizer. There ARE more metallic looking and intense highlighter out there! An example would be the Sleek-palette „solistice“ – I will be blogging about this later on! Still the MaryLoumanizer is my all-time favorite natural highlighter and if you want to buy only one highlighter then that’s definitly a thing for you! And the amount of product you get (8.5 g) makes me think it will last forever.

I hope this entry was helpful if you are not sure whether to buy it or not! If you already did a makeup-look with this product, make sure to tag me on instagram – I would be soo happy about it! You can find me on IG @foxyfelsworn ! 🙂

Glow on,


*I do not earn anything if you click this link as it leads you to – make sure to check for the best price before buying it!


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