Beautykiller [ENGLISH]

Hey people!

A few weeks ago I ordered the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette.

If you don’t know him by now, you really missed out on something! Apart from his special music he’s doing incredibly good makeup-videos on youtube and has his own brand when it comes to cosmetics! Even as a non-native English-speaker I appreciate his reviews and more really much. As Jeffree himself is a beauti- and colorful creature, nobody was really surprised when he announced his own palette in mid 2016 – this palette had everything! From neonpink to gold and last but not least black with colorful glitter in it. A little while ago it was finally mine!

Unfortunately, living in Germany, I wasn’t able to buy it directly from anywhere so I had to order it from England (helloooo beautybay :D). You can get them in the US of course, but then you will likely have to pay a lot of taxes and stuff, so I try to avoid that whenever possible.

Said and done, the VEGAN palette arrived only 3 days later at my home. That’s how it looks:


Reaaaally pretty, isn’t it? I got to admit that I would have never thought of being able to create an actual wearable look with it – at first! But let’s see…

On to a few technical details:

The eyeshadows come with 2.5g, which I think is quite a good size! 45 $ is the price they have on their own homepage (, I payed about 40 € for it. I think you can get it even cheaper, but then make sure not to buy any fakes – there are a lot out there!


Now on to the fun part: Swaaaatcheeeees!img_0846

I swatched them with no base on and only one single wipe in every pan. I know, finger swatches aren’t appreciated by everyone, but I think it’s best to see them out of the pan and applied to your own skin as you can build up most eyeshadows up to a certain limit. And look how intense they are! The best about swatching them is the feeling. It’s so unique! Swatching China White felt just like wiping over wax… I could do this allllll day long! 😀

But how do the colors turn out when actually applied to the eyelid? When I got to star power I was actually kinda worried as it is a bright neon shade. Let’s look at the colors in detail:


Star Power – And as you can see, it really is powerful! That neon shade… The only neon one in the palette in hot pink stays perfectly your lid (it’s almost hard to rub it off when cleaning your face) and – like all the other colors in the palette – it blends like heaven! For the brightest neon effect you may have to build it up a bit, but it’s totally worth it.


Expensive – and it really looks expensive, no? Silver and blue glitter particles in an awesome shade of blue turn out grey on your eye. If you got blue or green eyes it will even enhance your color – for brown eyes it can make a great partner, too! I can’t think of any other shade from any other brand that is similar to Expensive – can you?


Now theree’s a reason why I put them in one picture together (it may be the same reason why they put them next to each other in the palette :)): These shades are meant to be worn together! You can create a lot of depth and effects on your eye with them and they are – together with Courtney – my absolutely favorites at the moment! Violet, Princess and Confession are shining eyeshadows whereas Vanity is a dark brown-taupe color with a hint of purple I’d say.


Unfortunatly, my favorite part is now kinda over: These four shades would make an insanly good combination for any evening make-up. But Rich Bitch doesn’t really work for me that well! It feels a bit chunky when dabbing onto it with a brush. I just can’t put it on my lid! But there’s hope: Apply some base on your lid and use your fingers – it works really well. Just make sure not to touch anything else before removing the rest off your hands as it will turn everything into a golden-sparkly something… China White is a slightly cream-toned white and an amazing highlighting color. Another star in the palette is definitly Courtney – I haven’t found a better transition color in a long time! I’m defintly gonna hit pan on that first…

Black Rainbow is the last and another really special color in the palette. If you are into black colors (with colooooorful sparkles) you will LOVE this color! As I prefer my black eyeshadows to be matte and just do what they’re supposed to do I am not quite sure yet in what way to make the most out of the poor little rainbow.

In the end I tried to create a look that you could wear as a day make-up! Of course it’s a bit colorful (don’t expect this palette to be perfect for you if you’re all about nude) but if you love romantic eye-makeup:no problem here!


I used Courtney as a transition color, China White under my brows, Princess in the inner corner of my eye, confession on the whole lid, Violence in my crease and Vanity in the outer corner. In the end I dabbed into Rich Bitch and tried highlighting the center of my eye a little.

All in all, all eyeshadows blend really well and I would recommend this palette to everyone – even if you need a little courage of to make the most out of it!

Now I hope you enjoyed my review on this product and I’m really excited to see, what else is gonna come from JeffreeStarCosmetics in the near future!

Hugs & Kisses

Your Foxy

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