Colorista 1 Day Spray by L’Oréal Paris REVIEW [ENGLISH]

My hair and I – a never ending journey…

There are days I wish for natural and pretty hair. And then again there are days where I would love to wash it in a rainbow-river full of colors.

As we know – especially me, unfortunately – these two thing dont go together that well (or does anyone know how to achieve pretty hair while coloring it all the time? tell me please!)

When L’Oréal launched Colorista-Reihe a few weeks ago I was too excited! Sure, there are permanent dyes out there but that was not what I was looking for. But one thing caught my attention: The 1 Day Spray!

How it’s meant to work


The applicator may look a bit strange at first but works exactly like hairspray does

In general its kinda perfect: You get a color that you can directly put onto your hair. There are a bunch of colors to choose in between (pink, hotpink, pastelblue, turquoise, lavender, grey, mint) and I love them all! Make sure to use a towel on your shoulders while applying it (DO IT! Otherwise you will regret it I think…). You should spray from a distance of about 15 cm. After that you wear it the whole day and whenever you want to remove the color simply wash your hair. That’s what the add tells us on how it works.
My experience with it…

Of course I had to go to the drugstore (DM sells it here in Germany) right after the release. The price is 7.95 € and I think this is quite high, so I chose to only take one spray in the shade pastelblue. I love blue as it fits my eyes and pastel-colors in general so the choice was quite easy. In a live product presentation the experts that were working with this product say that it’s meant to put highlights of color into your hair but it doesn’t really work for dying your whole head pink. Kind of sad, but I understand that there are certain limits to a product like this.

I wrapped a towel around my shoulders and just started spraying the color on my bleached-out hair tips. If you want to for example straighten your hair, then do it before you apply the color. Otherwise it will just fade by the heat.

At first I didn’t dare to put a lot of color onto my hair but the result was still really good! My hair took on the color perfectly, eventhough it looked more like a washed-out green instead of pastelblue. The consistency of your hair will change a little bit (imagine putting hairspray on your hair – that’s how it feels with Colorista, too). That wasn’t too much of a problem for me though.

The result 

How it looks on my hair

As I kept applying more and more product, the color didn’t change anymore, which was a bit disappointing. I had to cope with the fact that I wouldn’t be getting actual blue hair today. Instead it turned out more greenish-turquoise. But there was one thing that got blue – my hands! It really washes off incredibly fast though. Just hold your hands under water for a few seconds and it’s gone.


Do you see the shimmer? That would make a great highlighter on the cheeks…

Let your hair dry for a few seconds, after that you can brush it again if you feel like you need to. I expected the spray to come off on my clothes while wearing it but it didn’t at all. The experts I was talking about earlier stated that you could easily wash it off in one wash if necessary.

I kept the spray in my hair for about 10 hours – then it started to fade without washing it. I don’t think it’s a problem as I don’t want that special product to stay in my hair forever. If you are looking for something longer lasting then you could check out their (semi-)permanent products (also from the Colorista-line) or you can just try Directions or whatever you think will work for you!


If I had to rate the Colorista 1 Day spray, I would do it like this (5/5 is heaven whereas 0/5… well you get it):

Durability 4/5 (It will stay while you need it but not longer. I loved that fact. There are only 4 points because there may be people who want it to last until they wash their hair and will be disappointed if it starts to fade after a few hours)

Color 2/5 (I wanted BLUE! Otherwise I would have bought the mint one! I still liked how it turned out though)

Applicataion 4/5 (Easy AF. But take care not to color everything around you)

Price-performance 1/5 (Alright, the product is kinda new and there are not too many products out there yet that are similiar to the Colorista spray. But 8 € for a few colored highlights? Too much! Especially as the whole can is only enough for one to two applications)

Overall 3/5 (it would be 2.5 if you have a look at the numbers above. To me the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones by far, that’s why I was so merciful :D)

I think the product is just right for people who want to experiment a bit with haircolor. The ones that have high expectations could be disappointed though! But for a few colored highlights here and there it’s totally worth buying it.

If you need any further information on the product, ask me!


Foxy ~

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