False Lashes from Dodolashes [English]

Last week I received a mail from Dodolashes – they sent me a free pair of their eyelashes so I could test them for you!

Everything seemed perfect – from their customers service to the shipping. Dodolashes ships from Hongkong but shipping is free if you buy lashes for more than 30 $ off their site. For payment you can use e.g. Paypal.

Some information on the lashes:

  • They are 100 % mink-lashes – but as they state on their website, they are cruelty-free as the hair is being collected during the shedding-season!
  • They are handcrafted– that’s why there could be some items out of stock sometimes.
  • And: They are cheap! Prices are starting at 5 $ and the most expensive pair I found so far was 12 $ – not too bad for mink-lashes, right?


Now – what do I think about them?

I received lashes in the style D105. The packaging was really high quality so that you can store your lashes in there forever (they can be reused a lot of times if you treat them well – make sure to be careful when removing the glue after taking them off!). All in all they are really well done!

Applying them was sooo easy for me! I suck really bad at applying false eyelashes and they went on perfectly at first try. That’s how they look on my eye:

Now there’s the only thing I didn’t like about them:

For my style and face the D105 was way too dramatic. In the pictures above I really love them but on this one you can see how big they look on me:


My boyfriend told me to go to the theatre as people in the 10th row would still be able to see them. How mean – but also kinda true I’d say!

BUT: I love Dodolashes and they got styles that are more natural, too (like the D119) – you can also buy whole sets of lashes!

If you want to buy some yourself but also want to save some money, make sure to use my code foxyfelsworn – it does not expire and gives you 5 % off !

Thank you for reading my review!

Foxy xx

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