Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette x REVIEW [ENGLISH]

All those who read my review on BeautyKiller by Jeffree Star had to be absolutely sure about the fact that I was getting Androgyny as soon as it was released on Beautybay. And I did!

Two days ago it arrived – and I was a bit surprised at first! The colors seemed to be quite „tamed“ for a Jeffree Star palette.

Let’s have a look at it:


Pretty nice, isn’t it? I think the color that got hyped most is Military – that’s why I just had to use it in my first eye-makeup! As I don’t think that there are enough ways to combine it in this palette to get a whole eye-makeup-look, I went for „Venom“ by Makeup-Geek as the only color that does not come with this palette.

On to the swatches:


I did not use a primer and used my finger to swatch them by getting them onto my arm with one swipe per pan. The colors feel all pretty good, almost buttery! Love it, just like the ones in the BeautyKiller palette felt.

I wanted to let you know my thoughts on every single color, too – here we go!


Frosting: An awesome color to higlight your underbrow area or to put it on your eyelid. I like to use it as an alternative to the silver-toned highlight I usualy go for.

Safe Word: I have been in love with the shade Courtney from Jeffrees BeautyKiller palette – but Safe Word is even better for my skin-type!

Androgyny: Unfortunaltely, I’m not 100 % convinced by this shade. The pigmentation is a little bit too low in my opinion but with the right amount of blending, this shade turns out nice on your eye. The plum-like color is definitely one of the things I like about this palette.

Fetish: One of my highlights! Finally, there is a darkred color that turns out well when it’s applied to the eyelid. If you want it in your crease or go a bit more colorful – Fetish is the shade you need!


Charm: I’m kinda bored by orange. I saw it in my Morphe 350, in my ABH Modern Renaissance and the list goes on. BUT this shade is one that you should go for as the pigmentation is bomb and it’s incredibly blendable!

Military: Most people were hyped for this color I’d say. And lord, I loved the swatches of it! But on my eyelid, it seemed a little bit like I’ve been beaten up and got bruises on my eye. Maybe the problem was my MAC soft-ocre paint pot primer, that could’ve changed the color a bit. I’m gonna try it again with a really light, almost white primer – still Military is one of my favorite colors, too!


Déjà Vu: My personal number 1 shade in this palette. Intense pigmentation, wonderful shimmer, just a perfect copper-tone. I love this color!

Dominatrix: A kind of everyday color – but still the texture is great. You can give your eye more dimension by using it in your crease or your outer eyecorner. Neither spectacular, nor wasted space. Average!

Poison & Swallow: The reason why I put them together in one point is because I’m quite disappointed by them. Poison is a bit better, but Swallow… As you can guess from the swatches they don’t turn out too pretty on my eyelid. I think the pigmentation is really bad, especially with the shade Swallow. But I heard a lot of times now that it’s hard to make blue eyeshadows – I would’ve wished for another color then!

And last but not least: My first makeup with this palette! As transition color I used Safe Word. My brow is highlighted by Frosting & in my crease I used Military and to define it even more Poison. In the end I put Dominatrix on my outer eyelid and topped the central area of my lid with Venom by Makeup-Geek!



To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by Military – as I said above, it looked like bruises… But together with Venom and Poison, it turned out really cool in the end. Still, I’m not going to use Military again in the near future because I really want to dig into the red- and orangy shades of this palette. All in all, I love the palette – except for the blue-greenish shades!

What is your favorite palette at the moment?

Any more questions? Let me know in the comments!

Foxy xx

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